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Anime Emergency aims to be your shop for anime and manga. We connect direct to amazon, ebay and all posters for the highest quality shopping experience possible.

Anime Emergency isn't just another store on the world wide shopping web. We're fans of anime too. To reward your visit we have a sweet little Art Gallery from our personal collection. We have a live News feed with the latest Manga and Anime News. We also have a Resources page with links to other quality anime sites of interest.

Just for you we have included our very own online video search engine with a special focus on animation. For example: Want to watch Bleach Episode 32, just type in "Bleach 32" and click Search and you're ready to go. Up to 50 video listings per page, hundreds of pages, multiple feed sources, like owning thousands of dvds, a truly valuable resource.

We connect you to anime and manga whether the old Astro Boy Gigantor the Space Age Robot and Robo Tech. Classic collectible animes such as Bubblegum Crash, Burn Up, Dragon Ball Z, Full Metal Alchemist, Inuyasha, Lum, Lupin, Macross, My-Hime, Oh My Goddess, Project A-Ko, Ranma, Sailormoon, Slayers and Tenchi Muyo. To the latest amine, Big O, Bleach, Cowboy Bebop, Fooley Cooley, Full Metal Panic, Gate Keepers, Ghost in the Shell, Gun Smith Girls, One Piece, Outlaw Star, Naruto, Tri Gun and so many more.

We're anime fans just like you. There we were on a rainy afternoon bored out of our minds flipping through the day time tv listings and we come across SailorMoon. That's all the listing said, Sailor Moon and nothing else. Visions of Popeye came to mind or some clown in a sailor suit with cartoons for kids.

Passed Sailor Moon over twice and then decided what the heck let's see what it could be. Lucky for us it was the Cherry Blossom Time episode, possibly the most beautiful and poignant of all the Sailor Moon stories. From that moment on we were hooked on anime.

Enjoy your visit.

There are a lot of people going gaga over anime nowadays. Some of them even join cosplays just to show off how much they are into the characters they love.

Just like them, I am so much in love with anime! Whether it is on television, comic books, or posters, I never waste a chance to get updated on them. Anime has been a part of me since I was a kid. From Voltes V, to dragon ball, to Sailor Moon, to Fushig Yuugi, and even Naruto! Anime, never fails to trigger my wild imagination.

Anime probably got into the heart of many because it is a way to get away from harsh reality. It is like a tunnel that connects an individual from a dull life to a fantasy world, where everything seems possible. With the colors, the exciting scenes and circumstances, how could anyone resist that chance to work one's imagination?

I love the lively colors in anime. It gives my eyes a beautiful scene. The story on every anime also differs and I have not seen or read anything with the same plot. Every tale is unusual and has that huge impact on everyone. Just like Naruto where even the not-so-young people are so crazy about. The main character exudes that childish but persistent quality which I think, what people likes. I enjoy the fighting scenes as well. It is not just about combating but it also has those funny lines, giving the story a lighter tone for a moment.

There are also stories that do not revolve in battles alone. Try Fushigi Yuugi which has this mythical book where the lady character got inside the book and played the role of the main character. It also involves a love story between Miaka, the girl from the real world, and Tamahome, the guy she fell in love with inside the book. The story between them displays a love that will overcome everything even when in battle.

Anime is really not that bad as others who are not into it think. Probably, there are some who loves anime so much that they forget that there is still a real world where they belong. They could be so into it that they act or think like anime most of the time. Perhaps, being so involved in anime, leads to neglect of personal lives, and responsibilities, not only for themselves but to others.

But then again, anime is just anime. It is there to entertain and give pleasure to the audience or readers. It is just an expression of the creator, and a way for many to still believe that amidst the hardships in life, there is still a beautiful tomorrow where life will be better.

Love your site - Honeyz

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